Gopherwood Studios


"I cannot express my love for this
sweet little puzzle game enough.
Deceptively simple, engrossing
and challenging!" - IGF Judge

One of the most popular web apps in the Chrome Web Store!

"A very innovative and fun to
play game. I was hooked almost
immediately. No seriously, I can't
stop and I need help." - Anonymous

Featured in 250 Indie Games You Must Play
by Mike Rose (

7th place in the great Casual Gameplay Design Challenge #8

"There is an elegant simplicity to
the gameplay that makes it the
perfect casual game to me. Truly
an excellent game!"
- Jay (

1st place in Spil Games' inaugural mobile HTML5 game competition!

We're not actually Lego minifigures.
These are our photo-genic stunt-doubles
to make us look cool and smug and plastic.

Derek Detweiler lives in Hickory,
North Carolina, with his incredible
wife and three boys who love
play-testing PBS Kids games.

We specialize in making HTML5 games...
...but only the good ones.

Todd Lewis moved to Hickory
to pursue his dream of making
games with Derek and because
all the rain in Seattle was
getting depressing.

two guys who like to make games for you

Platypus is a duck-billed, egg-laying,
beaver-tailed, venomous mammal.

Not really. Platypus is the best
HTML5 2D platformer game
engine in the entire universe.

Primarily because its namesake is a duck-billed,
egg-laying, beaver-tailed, venomous mammal.

Built in collaboration with PBS Kids...

...and open source for you!